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Resolume Arena 6.1

Edits audio and video files to create multimedia content
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Create, mix and improve video clips in the suite supporting multiple popular formats such as AVI, WMW, WMA, MP4, MP3, etc. Synchronizing and mixing tracks is possible along with adjusting opacity, scale and position, multiple effects are available for changing visuals and sound.

Resolume Arena is a software solution that puts users imagination to work in order to create original music videos. This software allows users to mix and match visuals, project videos on various screens and surfaces, and it supports integration with apps like Syphon or Spout.

The GUI has a modern look, comes packed with three skin themes, and has a wide variety of customizations. Yet, a novice user may find the interface to be too complicated and the memory usage too high.

With Resolume Arena, users are able to project videos on advanced geometrical structures or buildings and thanks to the Edge Blending feature they can project a widescreen content with two or more projectors.

Moreover, it allows real-time rendering, so you can use the application's tools to apply different effects, mixes, blends, or just simple cuts. On top of that, you can add more visual effects by simply downloading a 3rd party plugin, as well as using VST plugins to play your favorite effects.

Last but not least, users are able to send or receive videos between computers within the same network and set up the resolution, channel or latency, thanks to NewTek NDI.

To sum it up, Resolume Arena is a complex video editing tool, packed with numerous useful features, that is best suited for professional users. However, even though it's intended to be used by experienced users, the software's price seems too high.

John Saunders
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  • Provides three skin themes
  • Allows real-time rendering
  • Supports VST plugins


  • Has a complex user interface
  • Uses a lot of system memory
  • Has a high price
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